Can do

25 June 2015
by Bill Puddicombe

Sir Stuart Etherington says that the Third Sector has a "can-do" attitude with the "wit to be able to deal with the challenges". It’s hard not to agree. Overall charities have adapted over and over again as the World changes around them.

The current environment is different from any time over the last 30 years, however. Since the 1980s we have been given more and more responsibility and, despite protestations, more and more state funding to carry it out. Now, and especially after the election result, we can look forward to much leaner times.

It’s now we need that "wit" and the ability to manage change rather than run from it, or worse, pretend it isn’t happening. So many organisations are still embracing growth strategies that have become unworkable. Many are trying to operate with the unwieldy infrastructure they grew for a more clement time.

Making the changes needed to handle the new reality is difficult, often unpopular. The risks of not making those changes are too great to ignore.